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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War Dark Crusades
This product was added to our catalog on Friday 23 April, 2010.
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$ 29.99
$ 16.95
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Along with the release of Dark Crusade, THQ also released a triple pack for Dawn of War, Winter Assault and Dark Crusade, called Dawn of War Anthology. The case has the form of clothing with images of all the faction leaders of the campaign in their respective Warger. In recent Dawn of War Dark Crusade is the title focuses on the conflict of the game, to get more resources, players must fight for them. [6] Each player starts with one base and win the fulfillment of the objectives of the mission. There are different levels of technology, so all powerful units and upgrades. Fighting Necrons Tau for a checkpoint. The number of units a player in a field of time for people and vehicles' Squad caps, which limit the amount of infantry and vehicles may have a player on the battlefield. Squad caps may be increased among the tribes of different methods. Most units have a melee and ranged attack. The specialized units are often better with a type of attack. All units also have the attitude that affects how the units to meet the enemy. There are four types of units, commanders, infantry, vehicles and building owners. Heroes and commanders of the units can be made only once the rule. When you die, can be reconstructed. A sub-category is the semi-administrative unit that has many skills as a commander of the unit, but can be done on several occasions. infantry soldiers on foot and may be normal or heavy, heavy infantry is much more difficult than normal infantry. Vehicles equipped with heavy weapons and transport, including tanks, artillery, personnel carriers and hikers. All units, except for more characters and vehicles for the troops home. These are groups of infantry, to be managed as a single entity. It can be connected must be reinforced by others with special weapons units or hero. Some groups have specific skills such as hand grenades, teleportation and stealth, research or unlocked with top points. Unit longevity is determined by their health and moral elements that a team is the rule of competitive effectiveness. Both fall in shipments of weapons, regardless of skills or unit morale and health therapists or repair of the units will be increased to deal with some units are also able to perform. Some units may reassamble and fry again. (Necrons) Players may play in linking IP to play on local network or through an online service offered by Gamespy. [7] There are eight game modes are available for online skirmish, kills, destroys the player, requires all buildings capable enemy unit production, or sudden death, because a player is eliminated when another begins one of those strategic points . Different modes of play may be able to demand more victory conditions. Given the nature of a separate expansion pack, players can only play as Tau or Necrons in multiplayer. You can apply the original Dawn of War CD key, to access the original four games. Similarly, a Winter Assault CD key is required for access to the Imperial Guard. The extension has a level risk-based strategy [8], a campaign with a Meta-Map as the Dune Westwood Studios games, in contrast to the stories programmable linear backward. Because unless this lack of linearity, no action of an introductory video, but as the player hits various factions opposed to the game offers a special story in which the player has won. If the player wins the campaign, a film that depends on the player's team was controlling. The player can choose to play as a party, and then made a turn-based battles against other AI-controlled factions. There are several provinces conquered by the fighting skirmishes in the regular fighting. They can offer a special bonus or special honor guard units strong, not trainable versions of regular units. You can only do in the main battlefield summary screen, provincial and global costs of the aid was seized, winning an appeal on a per shift based on the number of provinces, the player controls. Guard units and transmission over the provinces can be used many times. There are also seven stronghold districts, which are held as bases for their respective task forces and these games are like more traditional campaign, with several primary and secondary objectives, which vary from one group of equipment. The Tau Commander, equipped with the most updates Warger. In addition, a race to be the commander of the unit, with special enhanced Warger, unique, custom updates, which differ by race. These stages are in a battle won, after killing a number of provinces conquer. Campaign scenarios are persistent, which means that all players are structures saved when a game is won. For example, if a player builds a base and a conquered province to attack only in a group of neighbors said Province, the player will start with the above basis, with the exception of research on the technology section. In addition, the CPU always starts in one place, rather than at random. If you have a defense based on the CPU and is developed around, be on top of defensive game will be removed. Players can also opt for Guard units are available immediately provinces, the province is attacked. These are purchased on a requisition of planetary gears. The game has different endings for the different fractions, but Relic has stated to the Blood Ravens won the Necrons and the Imperial Guard. Through dialogue Aurora War two, it is clear that the Blood Ravens are capable of Cronus and performance testing was to conquer the empire. Davian Thule also marks the Dawn of War 2, who had received the final battle with Necron Lord of Kronus during the events of Dark Crusade. It should also be noted that Tarkus Terminator was honored for his fight against the Necrons and Tau for the Cross Dark. The crow blood sample blood Ravens finally passed a major test of the Crusade Dark had ended, the Inquisition, conducted a thorough investigation of the Blood Ravens, having fought the Imperial Guard. Although not necessarily Typically, if the player wins the Space Marines are like the Imperial Guard, showed that the Guard documents secret details about the history of the Blood Ravens do not match known to be detected, with the official before the empire, probing investigation by the Inquisition. The Gorgutz Warboss, who survived the slaughter of Lorn V in the Winter Assault, entered the new Waaagh! the Orc infested Costa Verde Kronus. As often happens with the orcs Gorgutz Waaagh! formed by the union of many weaker races under the banner, which was used as an indication of the authority of the fortress. Blood Ravens used this resistance to destruction Gorgutz flag, which begins on clans fight each other, challenging the reign Gorgutz. Blood Ravens eventually kill their way through power struggles and factions to kill Gorgutz personal guard. However, he took revenge against the Space Marines, who overcame many a warhead, killing his own staff, and many battles Blood Ravens. In the chaos of the explosions, will escape through a cave and Kronus power hidden in a spaceship and returned to the Storm Alma. Although beaten in the storm Alma, abandoned the system in a similar manner. The Necrons, the leader of the planet Kronus, derived from half the map Thur'abis plateau. Blood Ravens to the caves below the plateau with a large network of catacombs to discover hidden within, has countless amounts Necron soldiers. Despite its dark and terrible situation, the fight against Blood Ravens destroy their way through the catacombs, Necron beacons (What are the consequences for the player or enemies, and reviving fallen Necrons or turn to establishments player vehicle could make the /), since their way into one of the most important structural points in the interior. Davian Thule placed a powerful explosive that brought the collapse of the catacombs, the Necron threat ends Crono, but it is implied that the Necrons have been slowed only by the collapse at all. Seer Talde built in their attack on the northwestern slopes of the planet Kronus, and the risk of their own warriors in the Eldar stronghold of defense, is placed between a cult splinter group of the Chaos Space Marines and a small group of Orcs malcontents, who broke that Gorgutz Waaagh! However, rests in a corner three web Gates who controlled access to the rest of the Eldar army in the space allowed. Blood Ravens fought their way through their old enemies, defeated the orcs and chaos threatened, and could maintain web Gates, to prevent any leakage of Talde. The Seer Eldar decided to sacrifice her own life so that his troops to flee and seek refuge on the planet. It is not known if they escaped or succumbed to the Blood Ravens bloody swath of destruction through the Crono. The Imperial Guard, who called their base near a Hellstorm gun, which was once part of an Imperial Titan, set, start position Victoria Bay completely believe that could regain control of the planet. Blood Ravens, however, could overcome the problems of the heavily defended fortress of Imperial, the fight finally in control of the Hellstorm cannon itself and causing a revolution in the imperial army dissidents. Gathered their forces and made their way through the heavy defenses Lukas Alexander Held, and could the Governor of the late reign of Saturn. In a report after the battle indicate that blood Ravens Alexander Held in the highest regard, especially because it was absolutely faithful to the class and the defense of the Bay Victoria. Despite the losses were Alexander and praised and honored imperial troops for their courage, to face the Ravens attack blood (except the treacherous fifth company, all of whom no mercy for the betrayal of the Constitution were shot, but joined forces with the Space Marines after Anton Gebbett, the Commissioner was binding on the company and dead).
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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War Dark Crusades CD Key

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  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War Dark Crusades CD Key is included.
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Platform: Windows XP/Vista
Game Information
  • ESRB Rating:Mature
  • Media: Cd key
Product Features
  • Two new playable races, each with individual features - Tau and Necron
  • Brand new Single Player Campaign experience
  • Playable by all seven races
  • Non-linear game-play - conquer an entire planet in the way you choose
  • Watch a unique, non-linear story unfold from your race's perspective
Product Description
Enter the Warhammer 40000 Universe!Product Information[Does Not Require the original Warhammer 40000 Dawn of Wargame to play]Deep under the central desert of Kronus a vast honeycomb of skull-lined tunnelsand funereal chambers house the awakening mass of the Necron plague. Eons agothese were the boulevards and squares of a great necropolis built to house thebones of the races who had fallen to the Necron purge and ultimately for theNecron themselves to retire to. Over the millions of years sand and rock hadcovered it all until ill-fated excavations awoke the deathless again. Play anyof seven races striving for control over Kronus. Take other races' strongholdsby winning challenging battles on various maps individually associated with therespective Strongholds.New FeaturesNew Race: The NecronsThe Necrons are methodical relentless attackers that kill without emotion orprejudice. Their technology surpasses that of all know races. They cannot bekilled. They cannot be stopped. To fight the Necrons is to fight death itself.New Race: The TauThe Tau are sweeping through the eastern fringe of the galaxy like anunstoppable tide. They are a young race but a frighteningly efficient race aswell. Their technology already rivals (and possible even outshines) that of theImperium. And their determination has shown that they can deal with any mannerof threat. But their deadliest weapon is the power of their ideology.Product Highlights Take command of two new playable races: Tau and Necron as you unleash massive camage across the frontlines of battle. Conquer the planet of Kronus any way you choose - leading any once of seven races on an epic crusade through an all-new single player campaign. Experience unique storylines from each race's perspective. Customize your hero's weapons items and abilities as he grows in power and influence and personalize your army's insignias squad colors banners and names.

Game Images:

dark crusade cd keys

dark crusade download
Warranty: Exchange it freely within 90 days when meeting with fault
Payment: Paypal/Moneybookers/Western Union
Language Version: English
Package Manner:Cd key
Delivery Manner: by Email or Fax

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